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The first real day of maternity leave

Today was the first day I would have HAD to go back to work.  My maternity leave was deferred because I had Baby in the summer time, after the school year had ended.  (If you don’t know, I am a teacher…)  Maternity leave: each day will start with a good 3-4 mile run (please see My Cure for the Race on how that would have worked out…), then a wonderful protein breakfast, followed  by quality time teaching Baby EVERYTHING so she can start reading chapter books by 6 months of age, enjoy a nice hour long lunch with a friend or my mom or my sister in law and her kids, and then have dinner ready for Husband after watching anything other than Oprah (I really dislike Oprah, but will comment later….).

So, today all my work friends sharpened pencils, put up bulletin boards, laminated things, went to meetings, and made grandiose plans for this school year, while I stayed home and followed all my plans…

Instead, I woke up at 4:30am (again, this is after Baby had slept 9 hours….so don’t feel sorry for me).  I fed Baby, and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I checked Facebook (Why has NO ONE updated their status yet??? UGH!)  I took my Dad to the airport at 7am while drinking 100 cups of coffee (although Baby slept 9 hours, I decided to stay up late after book club and watch TV for awhile….).  I then got dressed, and went shopping at TWO different stores for punch out letters for Husband (he’s a teacher, too, and needed help with bulletin boards.).  I then drive to Husband’s school, and start laminating, cutting out shapes, and putting together bulletin boards after eating a fast 10 minute lunch.  All of this while taking breaks to feed and burp and play with Baby.

Seriously?  This is NOT how I planned it.  I’m not supposed to be doing ANY of these things.  There has been no running today…lunch was 10 minutes IN MY CAR…I did have an egg for breakfast…and I didn’t even get to catch up on Big Brother OR teach Baby how to read. (Did I mention that I STOLE my own bulletin board stuff from MY classroom and took it to Husband’s school for HIS bulletin boards???)  The rate I’m going I’ll be volunteering in my own classroom tomorrow morning while I pay out of pocket for day care that isn’t supposed to start until 12 weeks from now….