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Sing a Song of Sixpence

I was singing to Baby the other day.  Although her favorite songs include “Peanut Butter Jelly Time“,  “Ms. New Booty” by Bubba Sparx (in my defense I only sing the part that sounds like ‘Buddha Buddha Buddha’ because Baby looks like a little Buddha when she sits…please don’t judge me for the terrible lyrics in the rest of the song!) I decide to make up a new song featuring amazing lyrics of “lalala”.

Crazy decides he LOVES my song and starts to sing along.  “This is new…”, I think to myself.  I decide to keep this song going as long as possible because Crazy seems to be really into it…like, more into it than Baby.  The howling and lalala-ing continue for several minutes.  Eventually Crazy grows tired of it and heads upstairs.  I tell Baby “That crazy Crazy…he’s so crazy! He was singing with us!” and kept right on lalala-ing, thinking the whole time what a fun family moment it was and how I hope Crazy will always sing with us.  Usually, Crazy is pretty dumb, but I’m beginning to think there’s something really there for him to know to sing along to help keep Baby happy!

After many, many verses of my amazing song, Crazy returns to the basement and sits down in front of me with a very sad looking face.  I’ve seen this look before, and it’s not good.  Baby in tow, I emerge from the basement to a smell I hadn’t smelled in a while.  There is poop and pee all over the dining room.

Ugh.  Apparently, Crazy is NOT a fan of my singing, or my awesome, made-up song.  Nor was he singing along.  Nor has he somehow gotten smarter  and knows it’s a good idea to sing to help Baby be happy.  He was only whining the generic I-need-to-potty whine.  What a stupid dog.

And the dumbest part…Crazy even came downstairs, plopped right down in front of me, and told on himself.  WHAT a stupid dog.


Whack a Mole

One day last summer,  Husband and I took out our brains, drove for an hour and bought another Boxer puppy to give a friend to the 3 year old Boxer we already had because he started to get a little grumpy.  Then I started taking fertility medication.  It was a really good idea…  Having a two 75+pound bundles of exuberance, one of which can’t control himself and is crazy, AND a baby is a special combination.  Anyway…

Crazy (This is the puppy and he’s one now, but if you know Boxers they pretty much stay puppy-ish for about 2 to 3 years.) and Grumpy LOVE  to sleep in the bed with us at night.  When I got pregnant I thought the dogs needed to start sleeping on the floor (EXCELLENT idea).  Well, Crazy tries to be polite when asking to sleep up on the bed.  He puts his massive paws and long legs up on the bed, cocks his head to the side, and sticks his face on yours.  Husband is always the first attempt, and usually pushes Crazy back down to the floor.  Crazy then goes to the end of the bed, and tries again, then to my side, then back to the end.  Usually that’s about it – a few attempts and then he goes and plops on his own dog bed and sighs (which tells us we are THE meanest owners EVER!).

Last night’s ritual started out the same, but KEPT going.  Up would pop his head and paws onto the bed, and down we would shove him.  Over and over again, up and down, up and down.  It was like playing WhackAMole at an arcade or carnival, except Husband and I WEREN’T getting any tickets and it didn’t smell like popcorn and old socks.

So now, not only do we spend our nights waking up to feed our precious little girl, but we also spend our time playing WhackAMole…usually until we are too tired and finally succumb to the  two bundles of 75+ pound wiggles.  I always say those dogs are dumb – but their persistence and our lack of sleep has really gone in their favor….