Life is Rich…E-R-S-O-N

Just sharing opinions…take it or leave it.

About me…

I started this blog, honestly, because other people I know have one.  I also need a place to write down my thoughts and I can type MUCH faster than I can use a pen or pencil. 

I’ve got two dogs, one husband, and one baby.  And I intend on sharing about what I learn from each of them…good things or bad things…

Reason behind the title….my married name is spelled the wrong the right way.  Most people have a normal last name…Smith, Jones, even RichARDSON.  Well, we don’t.  So I’ve succumb to the pressure in this family of simply spelling my name FIRST instead of saying it.  My husband has given me 15 years of being annoyed by people spelling it/saying it wrong.  I’ve got 12.25 left……and don’t you think I will stop any earlier.  LISTEN TO HOW I SAY IT PEOPLE!!!!!  



  Mike wrote @

Haha! You have a little taste of my life with the last name thing… : ) I’m fine when people say it incorrectly if they read it, but I can’t stand when they correct me after I’ve already said it!

Also, this post reminds me of how John introduced himself on the Young Life bus!

  Erin wrote @

A friend on mine had the same thing happen. The gal at the salon asked her what her last name was and she said “G-O-O-D, Good.” THe lady looked and looked and then told my friend, “Oh, no you spell your name with and E at the end.” Uh…Hello?

Yes – John was very funny with his intro…I’ll never forget it.

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