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“These are the Days of Our Lives…”

Alright, simply put – I’m extremely annoyed with Days of Our Lives.  If you don’t watch it (or never have) you will not enjoy this post.  Those of you who hate soaps – I’m with ya – but Days is pretty good.  I don’t DVR it or anything – but I was planning on being in front of my TV every day of maternity leave with my baby and we would catch up.  But I’ve pretty much had it.

First of all, you CANNOT take Luis and Teresa from Passions, change their names and attitudes and put them on Days.  It’s not really working for me.  Luis/Raif needs to stay with his good guy cop image on Passions.  And Teresa/Ariana (I’m sorry but is that even a Latina name?!) can’t just over night become sane because she switched soaps.  Switching soaps can work for some – just not for them.

Also, who the world is Mia?  Oh, and isn’t Sydney really Sammy’s baby?  Apparently not anymore because Mia had her.  Ugh – this is so dumb.  I know soaps aren’t supposed to make a lot of sense – but this is ridiculous.  At least give me something I can follow!  And Kate.  Don’t GET me started with Kate.  She’s lost her marbles, that’s for sure, and so has the rest of Salem because Kate has poisoned just about all of them and keeps getting caught – but she still does it again.  Dumb.  And why do all of Stephano’s kids have different accents than him.  Mystic Tan Tony is apparently somewhat British, EJ (what kind of name is that anyway) is really British, Lexi is completely American, and then Stephano has a Russian accent.  (I’m not blasting you Stephano, you will always be a favorite….but seriously, the accent?) And WHERE is Celeste?

I’d like to relive the good ole Days.  (See what I did there?  days, Days…. )  I know Deirdre Hall was kicked off or let go or something – but Marlena and Jon Black cannot stay in Europe forever!  And bring back Jennifer and Hot Jack.  (Please don’t bring back Real Jack – he was NOT hot.)  Austin and Keri and Mike would stand a little action, too.  I’d even go through Marlena being possessed again IF it brings back the people we know and love.   Oh – and Sammy’s twin, Eric.  And Billie. (Big Lip Billie – not the other one.)

I don’t know.  I was ready to devote an hour a day to this hot mess.  Now, I’m just gonna have to settle for a nap…


Dear Thirty…

Dear Thirty,

Sadly your visit is getting closer and closer.  While I normally love guests, you are unfortunately the kind that stays and gets worse as the years go by.

I’ve been anticipating your arrival for some time now, and have had other visitors along the way.  But it seems that you have been slowly, but surely, leaving little hints of your unwanted visit with other, much more tolerable friends.  I lost the weight that TwentyFive gave me when she stole my metabolism – but you….you are WAY more sneaky than that 25.  YOU bring on weight in 2 pound increments hoping I won’t notice.  But I’ve noticed, Thirty, and let me tell you…I’m on it.  I have been running like the wind (okay, okay, running like a small breeze is a little more accurate, but still…give me some CREDIT!) and despite you threatening me with cracking knees and feet that fall asleep, I’m determined to continue.  The cynicism that TwentySeven brought me probably shouldn’t be blamed on TwentySeven. I think it might have been hiding in there since TwentyThree when I hit the real world and found out thirty grand ain’t beans.  TwentyEight and TwentyNine…now those are real friends I hated to see go.  They gave me no troubles with their brief visits.  But you…I’m sure you, with your 9 friends, will really out do yourselves.  Listen here, Thirty, since I have no choice but to host you and your friends for the next 10 years, I’m gonna do what I can to keep you at bay and not let anyone know you are here (aside from the large party I intend to have celebrating your arrival – but after that….we’re done).

I fully intend on keeping fun colors in my hair.  So bring your greys, Thirty, you bring ’em….and I will cover them up with whatever I need to in order to look like I am still rockin’ it with my friends from the Twenties.  Oh, and don’t go thinking you can continue to slide a pound or two in here and there…like I said, I’m on it.  I will continue to run like the wind small breeze that I am.  Mark my words, Thirty.  You can bring your luggage filled with cracking knees, age spots, wrinkles, and one piece swimsuits.  I will toss them out with ibuprofen, my dermatologist, and…..alright, the one piece can stay IF it is a tankini.  That is totally not your fault – I blame that on Baby.

So…Thirty.  We will meet soon.  But please don’t be sad when after the fun party….we’re finished.  I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune when Forty comes…but until then…I’m so over you.

Love, Erin