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Hotcha Doggie!

Today I made Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.  A friend made them for book club and they were very very good.  Those who know me best know that I was a daily customer at Sonic during pregnancy simply for the Cheddar Poppers….MMMMMM.

My friend told me she de-seeded them, but forgot to wear gloves and that her fingers were “on fire”.  “Hmmmm….whatever” is what went through my brain.

I started out using a spoon to de-seed my jalapenos.  It was too hard, so I ditched the spoon and just used my thumbs and index fingers.  It was much faster, and didn’t burn at all.  At this point I am wondering about my friend’s tolerance for pain….seriously.

Until now.  It started out really slow…just a tingle really…about 2 hours after finishing.  At this point, my fingernails feel as if they might peel back from my skin.  I have since washed my hands multiple times. My eyes are burning, my fingers are burning, and at one point I had a hangnail to chew off…..and now my lips and tongue are burning.

My advice….WEAR GLOVES.



  Kristen wrote @

The funny thing is that I could write the same story on my blog! A friend of mine made them, said her fingers burned, and I thought “lame”. Then a couple hours after I finished they were burning! Glad to know that my pain tolerance isn’t absolutely pathetic! 🙂

  Erin wrote @

No one will ever know until they do it themselves! I even cut my nails later…didn’t help!!!

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